Generally Asked Questions

Do you create custom T-shirts?

Yes, we do. Please visit to check out the services we offer and to request a quote.

Is everything sold in-store available online?

Not all items are available online.

Why don’t we sell everything in-store online?

We are unable to offer all items online due to limited availability or unable to ship due to size (e.g. coolers and luggage). 

What’s the largest size you sell?

We sell up to 5X Mens T-shirts, 2X Womens Shirts/Tops, and XL Kids Shirts. We do sometimes offer up to 7X Aloha Shirts and Jackets (Limited selection).

If it’s sold out online, do you still have it in-store?

There maybe a chance it is in-store. Online and in-store are two different inventories, so you may find an item in-store that is sold out online. 

Do you guys reprint old designs?

Once a shirt sells out, it sells out. We may redo an old design in a different color scheme but majority of the time we do not reprint old designs. 

Do you guys offer Sponsorships?

Please email sponsorship inquiries to 

Online Store

How do I return/exchange items?

Please visit our Return/Exchange Policy here.

How long does local shipping take?

It usually takes 3-5 days after the order is packaged. Due to the volume of orders we receive, customer orders from certain online releases may take up to 3 days for our team to pack and ship your order. If you have any questions please email 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. International shipping costs will be applied.

Can we pay online and pick up at the store?

No we do not offer this service. Due to the volume of orders we receive, we are unable to provide in-store pickup. 


How many stores do you have?

Currently, we have three stores. Two are located on Oahu and the other on Molokai. 

Can we do phone orders?

We no longer accept phone orders. Please place your order at 


How do we buy tickets?

Please click on the Events section of our website. From there, click the date of the event you would like to attend to purchase your tickets. Tickets are also available for purchase in-store at our Ward and Kapolei shops.